Our last trip with the Riffe Team was a tough one but Jess managed to land her first Yellowfin Tuna and her biggest fish to date with a nice 42kg (94lbs) model. To say she is happy would be a understatement! Kelsey also landed her first weighing in at 45kg (100lbs)

I also was lucky enough to spear nice fish of 62kg (148lbs). 38kgs shy of our target but still you’ve got to be happy with freshly seared Tuna steaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not too mention the antics brought on by a little too much wasabi...

Julie was kind enough to leave us her lucky Tuna gun, hopefully we can keep up traditions!

With only one more chance before we really break the bank, can we pull it off? Here’s hoping, stay tuna(ed).

100kg Yellowfin Tuna

Photos By Headhunter Spearfishing & Underwater Ally Productions