Noob Spearo Podcast featuring UAP Co-founders: Jessie Cripps & Michael Takach


We recently partnered up with Noob Spearo for an interesting podcast on all things underwater, check it out for tips on hunting and photography techniques.

Episode 18: Jessie Cripps & Michael Takach 

“Jessie Cripps & Michael Takach co-founded Underwater Ally Productions, a media production company specializing in the underwater environment. From pre-production through to putting polished finished films together Jessie Cripps and Michael Takach together are a formidable media production force. They are also Riffe sponsored divers and have some good knowledge about what makes for effective spearfishing equipment.
This interview was a new experience for Turbo and I, with 2 co-hosts + two guests and a bit of rum, so bear with us because both Taka and Jessie share some absolute gold. In their Veterans Vault section we hear 6 tips from Jessie about improving all forms of your photography (above and below the water) then Taka shares some tips and tricks for effective GoPro filming and editing. To learn more about Underwater Ally Productions check them out here

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