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Escape! – 4th May 2010

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Another cold winter was steadily approaching, being a commercial diver in Sydney this didn’t thrill me in the slightest, it’s the time of year that you can watch the morale levels steadily drop amongst the ranks, I was already yearning for Summer again and it wasn’t even over yet…
Only one thought came to mind: ESCAPE! My girlfriend Jess has wanted to travel around Latin America since we’d met, her bank account had reached its target and she was ready when I was. Nothing had made more sense to me in my life. I wasn’t nearly doing enough spearfishing as I would have liked in Sydney, it always consisted of weekend trips up the coast that were never often enough to quench my thirst and scratch that itch on my trigger finger.
I’d worked my self into a frenzy thinking about all new fish I could spear, Cubera Snapper (Pargo), Roosterfish, BIG Amberjacks, African Pompano, White Sea Bass, Corvina, Broomtail Grouper and of course most spearo’s dream the mighty Yellowfin Tuna, a fish that has haunted my dreams ever since I picked up a hand spear.
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