Central America

Costa Rica – Pura Vida!


With nothing to wash our gear in its all about making use of what you can find, in this case a rusty old wheel barrow doubled as the perfect dive tub (and bath tub)


We were constantly surprised by the amount of wild life  around, we had encountered wild Howler Monkeys, Macaws, Toucans & Iguanas all on our first day in Costa Rica.


Reluctantly leaving Panama behind us we crossed over the boarder into Costa Rica. The difference was amazing, the wildlife just seemed to flourish. Everything was so saturated with the colour green. This probably had something to with the fact that we’d arrived in the middle of rainy season and unfortunately for us with rain, comes run-off which makes finding visibility near impossible to find unless you go way offshore.

Our first day out, the water was filthy but we still managed some fantastic fish, we lived off this fish for the next week and shared some with the locals.


A world record sized Colorado Snapper, AJ’s & Parrot fish made great eating over the next week while we waited out the rain so we could move along.


Waiting out the rain at the local restaurant were they stored and prepared our fresh fish for lunch and dinner during our stay.

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