Spearfishing Tonga with Michael Takach

Spearfishing Tonga with Michael Takach

Increase your chance of landing your dream fish with guided spearfishing tours by Michael Takach. Michael’s obsessive passion for the ocean has him in the water at every opportunity possible, he has worked as a commercial diver and has been spearfishing for over 15 years. He has travelled the world and learnt off some of the best in the sport, he will provide you with expert guiding and gear tips so you get the most out of your trip. Michael is also a certified FII Instructor so can give you advice on your freediving and hunting technique while diving. Having Michael guide you will increase your hit rate of finding and landing your dream fish.
Our standard spearfishing package is an all-inclusive 7 day package. These 7 day packages allow for 5 full days on the water spearfishing plus 2 non water/boating days. One of these non-dive days is Sunday (as no charters or work is allowed on Sunday’s in Tonga) and the other non-dive day is decided by “mother nature”. We usually take the windiest or least appealing day off.
Our packages are designed around the Virgin Airlines (VA 169) direct flights from Sydney, Australia to Tonga every Wednesday night.  Generally, new clients arrive in the early hours of Thursday morning and conclude on the following Wednesday evening.
Sailfish, Wahoo, Dogtooth Tuna and various reef fish can be expected to be seen. If you are lucky you may even have a whale pop in to say hello during a drift.
Your typical day on the water will consist of 7-8 hours at sea.You can join an existing group or form your own group. As our trips are all guided, providing a guide per couple who will chum, flash and take photos for you every drift.  Our group sizes vary between 2-5 passengers plus guides. We can however do private charters for one or two clients, obviously these are priced accordingly. Contact us for more information on these customised packages.
Standard 7 day package includes:

  • 7 nights’ accommodation at “Deep Resort” ‘Eua
  • 5 full days guided spearfishing including lunches and drinks daily
  • 1 day Island tour.
  • Transfers to from the airport and to/from the boat daily.
  • 2 Chef prepared main meals and breakfast daily.
  • Souvenir t-shirt and hat.
  • A USB stick with trip images on (topside and underwater).
  • Use of snorkelling gear and wetsuits.

Packages do not include alcoholic beverages, some evening meals, lunches on non-dive days and tips. 
Spearfishing 7 day package:
7 day package including airport transfers, 7 nights’ accommodation, 5 full days guided spearfishing, one day island tour, breakfast, lunches and 3 evening meals and 15%VAT.
Deep Lodge Resort, ‘Eua

Professional photographer’s package VIP package Standard package Economy package Saver package
Based on 4 paying divers
Cost $3995
Based on 5 paying divers
Cost $3295
Based on 6 paying divers
Cost $2995
Based on 7 paying divers
Cost $2695
Based on 8 paying divers
Cost $239
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